Green Veggie – food by Taoists

There are numerous vegetarian eateries in HK run by people making it clear they subscribe to Buddhist philosophy. Less overtly common are HK vego restaurants run by Taoists. One such restaurant name based on Taoist philosophy is Green Veggie.

Green Veggie

The first Green Veggie in HK opened in June 2014 in Sheung Wan. They offer a mixture of lacto ovo and vegan grade vegetarian food. They are a mid price range entity providing tasty and enjoyable Chinese cuisine. Their service is pleasant and efficient. Indeed there is one of their waitresses for whom there’s plenty restaurants could do worse than to clone. Her calm, smiling, constructive and helpful manner gets a big thumbs up every time.

2016-03-27 15.11.25

Green Veggie’s view:-

* Meat driven agriculture industry has a negative impact on the earth (e.g. pollution, de-forestation). This is in contrast to their desire for better people, health, society and a planet being free from violence

* Consumer foods use MSG and focus on appearance rather than being nutritional

* There should be more noble goals in running a business than just being profitable

* Vego diet benefits people with positive energy from heaven and earth and the essence of nature, the sun and moon. The different colours of food and the sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and savoury flavours of natural food combine to promote longer life

* Vego food not just satisfies hunger but also benefits natural habitats and environmental protection. Keeping peace between heaven and earth reduces violence. Creation of positive energy leads to better health and lifespan

2016-03-27 15.17.18

Hence their stated claim to using natural, high quality, vegetarian ingredients. Chef Wu Tak Wah is an award winning chef in HK, Macau and Guandong province. As well as blending flavours he focuses to counter loss of nutrition in the cooking.

2016-03-27 15.05.44

Something Green Veggie have in common with many Buddhist restaurants is their charitable outlook. Green Veggie cooperate with several social enterprises. On average 200 lunch boxes for the elderly are delivered per week. Also one day per month the elderly are invited to eat in Green Veggie for free. Volunteers and Chinese medicine doctors are invited to health seminars for the elderly.

2016-03-27 15.25.38

From the success of the initial Green Veggie in Sheung Wan they also opened a Wan Chai restaurant in 2015.

  • Room AB, 1/F, Finance Building, 254 Des Voeux Rd Central
  • Nearest MTR – Sheung Wan exit A1
  • +852 2771 3260

  • Shop 11-12 G/F, Tonnochy Towers, 254 – 272 Jaffe Rd
  • Nearest MTR – Wan Chai exit A1
  • +852 2338 6179


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