LN Fortunate Coffee brings all vegan dining back to SYP

Folks in HK may well be familiar with LN Fortunate Coffee from being elsewhere. The all vegan restaurant and coffee shop franchise is easily recognisable to those visiting or from Taipei, Jakarta, Palembang, KL… The wonderful news is they opened for business in Hong Kong Island on Friday 18th March. Their gleaming new premise is on Eastern St in Sai Ying Pun. Anyone in SYP lamenting the close of both the all vegan nearby eateries since September last year? LN Fortunate Coffee could be your salvation in filling the gap left by the closure of Light Radiant Food & Popular Vegetarian.


2016-03-25 21.09.10

In LN Fortunate Coffee the ‘LN’ stands for Loving Nature. An all vegan restaurant franchise with ‘Loving’ in the name? Sounds a bit like ‘Loving Hut’? All vegan and ‘Loving’ are certainly similarities. There are also differences. While Loving Hut in Kowloon Bay and Wan Chai for example are not exclusively Chinese the menu is very much tilted in that direction. Fortunate Coffee has a much more Western oriented food selection. Rather than sweet & sour there’s the likes of spaghetti, waffles, bagels and a wide range of sandwiches. There’s a much more extensive selection of coffee. That’s what the name suggests after all. It’s also wifi friendly.


Restaurateurs see money to be made from the veg*an dollar. Many of them are happy to coin the cash in rather than pay fastidious attention about what they sell being vego. A few quick questions were thus spun in the direction of the very amiable Ken in the service team:-

“Is everything you sell vegan?”


“The bread?”


“What about the cakes?”

“Sure are.”

“All the milks for the drinks?”

“No dairy milk in here.”


Sounds encouraging. LN Fortunate Coffee, welcome to Hong Kong.

2016-03-25 16.06.29


  • LN Fortunate Coffee
  • G/F, 118 Eastern Street
  • Nearest MTR – Sai Ying Pun exit B2
  • +852 2858 3898

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