Worst Restaurant of the Month award – Inno Veggie

Following the Best Restaurant of the Month award to Pure Veggie House. This is the inaugural Worst Restaurant of the Month award. It is regrettable having to write articles as critical as this one. Some restaurants though refuse to amend their ways when given serious concerns to address. Thus there is little choice than to highlight these concerns until the restaurants in question improve their standards. The Worst Restaurant of the Month award will be for restaurants that treat the vegetarianism of their customers with contempt rather than respect. Here’s an explanation of the inaugural ‘winner’.


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LN Fortunate Coffee brings all vegan dining back to SYP

Folks in HK may well be familiar with LN Fortunate Coffee from being elsewhere. The all vegan restaurant and coffee shop franchise is easily recognisable to those visiting or from Taipei, Jakarta, Palembang, KL… The wonderful news is they opened for business in Hong Kong Island on Friday 18th March. Their gleaming new premise is on Eastern St in Sai Ying Pun. Anyone in SYP lamenting the close of both the all vegan nearby eateries since September last year? LN Fortunate Coffee could be your salvation in filling the gap left by the closure of Light Radiant Food & Popular Vegetarian.


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Cheese – 10 Q&As

Something of a recurring concern is restaurants purporting to be vegetarian and their use of cheese. Specifically many of these restaurants appear to be completely unaware that the world’s milk derived cheese:-

* traditionally was mostly manufactured using slaughtered animal products

* is still widely manufactured using slaughtered animal products despite the increasing availability of alternatives marketed as vegetarian

To kill any doubt stone dead:-

* it is not milk that prevents a cheese being vegetarian

* it is slaughtered animal produce widely added that renders cheese non vegetarian

When looking at this more deeply though this can be a mine field for many people concerned about what they put into their bodies. Here’s 10 cheese questions and answers for lacto and vegan grade vegetarians:-

Cheese pic

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Vegan Without Being Vegetarian?

Waiter – “Hello sir, how are you?”
Customer – “Hello, I’m very well, thank you.”
Waiter – “Are you ready to order sir?”
Customer – “Yes please. What do you recommend that is vegan friendly?”
Waiter – “How about chicken?”
Customer (confused) – “Excuse me please??”
Waiter – “How about chicken?”
Customer (still confused) – “But I don’t eat meat??”
Waiter – “Ah, you’re vegetarian as well.”
Customer (even more confused) – “How can someone be vegan without being vegetarian???”

Does the above conversation have any ring of familiarity? Regrettable as it is to say so, the above is a first hand account from being the customer in that conversation a few years ago. This is of course far from an isolated example. The more common scourge of so many a vegetarian is being in an omnivorous restaurant and on asking for vegetarian food, being offered fish.


(Fish. Eaten by pescetarians, not eaten by vegetarians.  Pic source – wikipedia)

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