Popular Vegetarian closes, Amazing Kitchen rolls on


Numerous people have been in touch lamenting the closure of  Popular Vegetarian (Western District, HK Island) at the turn of the calendar year. Popular Vegetarian was an all vegan, family run, Chinese neighbourhood restaurant. As well as great tasting meals they were also very reasonably priced. Sadly missed & fondly remembered. Being a victim to exorbitant rent increases at lease renewal time is an all too familiar story in HK. Influenced in this case by the opening of Sai Ying Pun MTR accelerating rent increases even further?


There’s little to cheer about for vegetarians re the successor at the location where Popular was. The location has now been taken over by a fully omnivorous dim sum joint. The management of Popular currently have announced no plans to re-open Popular at an alternative location.

Should any former regulars of Popular pop into Amazing Kitchen over in Mong Kok they may see a familiar face. Miss Hung who previously served at Popular now works in Amazing Kitchen – her sister’s inexpensively priced restaurant. The owners of Amazing Kitchen and what was Popular Vegetarian are related to each other.

Amazing Kitchen as was Popular is Buddhist. No need to worry about garlic breath from eating here before going on a red hot date. As mentioned Popular was 100% vegan. Amazing Kitchen was using condensed dairy milk in some dishes last year. Their use of dairy milk though has now stopped. Amazing Kitchen already had an egg free menu. The food is not 100% vegan though. Vegans eating at Amazing Kitchen should ask which dishes are made with honey.

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  • Amazing Kitchen
  • G/F, 110 Fa Yuen St
  • Nearest MTR exits – Mong Kok (either of B2 or D2)
  • +852 2309 1833

6 thoughts on “Popular Vegetarian closes, Amazing Kitchen rolls on

  1. As far as I can recall, menue was more or less the same in the 2 restaurants (at least on the paper). But price was slightly cheaper at Amazing (now I understand why). Popular was also Amazing for the cook managing the restaurant more or less on his own (at least the kitchen; sometimes even the service). Now that he has moved to Amazing, the place will deserves its name twice!

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