Free vegetarian food daily at Wan Chai’s Sikh temple

Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple in Wan Chai offer free vegetarian food daily to the community. It’s also very tasty eats. The food offered is a combo of lacto and vegan grade vegetarian food. Being Indian vegetarian food, no egg  is used. On attending with two others it was a delight to be given an eating tray and served dahl, salad, rice and chapati (and plenty of it). All tasted great but anyone on a dairy free diet should note sometimes the rice is cooked with milk (it’s always worth asking in case). The lacto vegetarian in the group was also given some other dishes that contained cow milk.

Sikh 1

None in the group of three are Sikh. This was no issue though and a warm welcome was extended. Clearly they are used to non Sikhs coming to check the place out for cultural reasons. One of the Sikhs there also mentioned they have non Sikhs who attend simply to enjoy the free & tasty vegetarian food.

Sikh 2

In case of any doubt this is indeed free vegetarian food with no financial strings attached (see next paragraph on the cultural protocol to follow). Anyone looking to offer a donation to reciprocate the good will, there is a box for this in the prayer room.

For those uninitiated like me previously in the ways of Sikhism there is an etiquette to follow:-

  • No consuming alcohol before visiting
  • Cover your head. Orange handkerchiefs are available at the door for men to wear. A scarf is adequate for ladies
  • Take off your shoes and socks outside the temple door

The catering facilities are a serious sized operation. Clearly they are used to being able to accommodate big numbers. The temple has been there since 1901. Some significant rebuilding work is being lined up.

  • Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple
  • 371 Queen’s Road East
  • Nearest MTR – Wan Chai exit A3 (approx 10+ mins walk away)
  • +852 2572 4459
  • Food served daily 11.30 – 20.30

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