The guide to Hong Kong’s all-vegan restaurants and takeaways

*** Oct 2018 edits: 1) Home Vegan and Pop Vegan both added to appendix a) explaining why they aren’t included in this guide. 2) Tin Chu Chi Hon closed

All eateries listed purport to be all-vegan venues 24 x 365 in all products they offer / distribute. From our talks with management at each place, each of these all-vegan declarations seem credible. That is the sole criteria for listing / not listing (see further below why some places don’t make the list). Things change though so if you visit any it’s sensible to ask. Check ahead re stated opening times. Please let us know of any changes to the listed info.


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Ohm’s reply to our article – unclear if they claim to be all-vegan again

***[Update] Ohm have been asked again after the article below about their commitment to an all-vegan stock policy. Rather than give a straight answer, they again try to play on words to avoid answering the question.***

Ohm have replied criticising our latest article about them. It seems there has been a customer reaction to our article to spurn them into some kind of damage limitation. If we consider Ohm’s reply and the wider picture it looks like they are happy to accept positive publicity but want to control publicity they don’t like.

Ohm sign with pen mark

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Obtaining B12 from non-animal sources

B12 came up during the guest appearance on RTHK Radio 3 last week. The response I gave on radio 3 was that as per on the B12 page of the Vegan Society website; namely that for reliable adequate intake of B12 vegans should consume either a supplement or fortified food that contains B12. Someone in social media coincidentally posted an interesting different opinion just after that. This is the follow up.


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